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The 12 Pound Mountain Howitzer of the Horse Artillery

Chew's Ashby Battery
Raised to support Turner Ashby's 7th Virginia Cavalry, the Ashby Battery was attached to Captain John Pelham's Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion in September 1862 and remained in the organization under Roger P. Chew (1862), James W. Thomson (1863-1864), and John W. Carter (1865) until the end of the war. Chew became the commander of the entire battalion in 1865.

A Number of Mountain Howitzers under guard in the artillery depot.
The Mountain Howitzer was made to fire the same type of balls and shells as other artillery pieces. It was NOT a miniature weapon, but rather a full scale piece of artillery. Its smaller size allowed the horse artillery to keep pace with fast moving cavalry columns that would have left ordinary artillery behind. As few as two horses or mules could move the entire gun and its two ammunition chests.

The Mountain Howitzer was the weapon of choice to accompany cavalry raids behind enemy lines, and it was used extensively in the foothills and valleys of the Shenandoah.
The Mountain Howitzer in action at a Reenactment event in 1997..
In this case the gun was moved with relative ease about the battlefield by just six men. Two more carried the ammunition chest.
Chew's Battery of Horse Artillery awaits the appearance of the enemy along a wooded lane in Pennsylvania.
The guns fired blank blackpowder cartridges that are prepared in advance. All safety requirements are strictly adhered to in these reenactments.